Sylvia Feliciano

Sylvia leads iRest Yoga Nidra classes at the Co-op weekly

Sylvia Feliciano pursued yoga nidra teacher training while living in Seattle, WA, and after experiencing the healing benefits of yoga (bikram, vinyasa, yin, and yoga nidra). She quickly found resolve in bringing the awareness and practice to underserved communities. She then pursued iRest yoga nidra after her yoga mentor discovered Sylvia was a military veteran. iRest yoga nidra is regularly used throughout a wide range of settings including military installations, VA hospitals, schools, community and health centers, yoga studios and correctional facilities. Her mission is to incorporate the practice of iRest yoga nidra meditation into schools and corporate stress management and wellness programs in the Las Vegas region. Her vision is that everyone, everywhere practices yoga and meditation. 


Sylvia is a Marine Corps veteran and has an extensive background in corporate performance and as a strategic advisor. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in public administration. However, her passion and commitment has always been the well-being of her community. She left the corporate world to continue her healing journey through practicing and teaching iRest yoga nidra in both Las Vegas and Seattle, to start. She strives to change the lives of those who seek inner peace by showing them how to be centered mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through meditation, stress management and selfcare practice. Sylvia will guide you into the state between wakefulness and sleep and her calming voice will soothe you into a state of deep relaxation leaving you renewed, restored and whole. She believes having a solace mind is critical for a person’s overall well-being.