Rich Belsky

Mondays 4:15


Donation Based

The purpose of meditation is to know thyself. This familiar refrain has rung from the commands and suggestions of prophets and teachers of all backgrounds throughout the ages. Our true self (Atman, Holy Spirit that dwells within, Chi) is the source of our highest potential happiness, but is covered by layers of ignorance (body, mind, desires, restlessness, ego and past impressions/sanskaras). When we quiet the mind, ignorance is removed, and the light of our spirit can shine through. Meditation is done to remove the restlessness of the mind, giving the meditator peace and guidance, as lightening illuminates the path for a traveler on a dark night. This class is for all experience levels, though more geared toward those interested in or just beginning to meditate. More experienced practitioners are welcome to join, as I will be teaching advanced meditation themes and practices in addition to beginning breath and mind-clearing work.

Rich Belsky is an RYT200 Certified Yoga Teacher as well as a long-time meditation practitioner and guide. His education in meditation stems primarily from his earliest teacher, Yogi Shanti Desai, who imparted critical wisdom and motivation that has been the basis for his personal practice. Rich is also an experienced entrepreneur, working to raise the collective conscious of the business community through application of yogic and spiritual principles to daily business life. Needless to say, there is still much work to be done on this front.