Noel Reyes

My name is Noel Gorgoy Reyes and I am the owner of Amazing Chi Massage Company. I began

practicing Massage Therapy in 2017, after graduating from Cortiva Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My journey to becoming a Massage Therapist began with my family's encouragement. My father often expressed that I had a unique gift with my hands!!.

After observing a sport therapist working on a soccer athlete, my interests were sparked in the field of Massage Therapy.


Today, I enjoy working with everyone, but definitely enjoy the challenges that comes with assisting

athletes. I also take great joy in aiding people who are seeking overall health improvement or pain relief.

I specialize in Thai Massage, as well as advance training in Sport and Therapeutic Massage.


In my free time, I love training in the gym. I produce and share videos on methods to help improve

health and promote success in life. I also enjoy practicing meditation and connecting with nature. I hope

to always bring the positivity that I strive to achieve within my own life into the lives of my clients!!.