Michele Ficano

Michele offers reiki workshops and trainings regularly, check the workshop schedule for more information on her offerings

Michele Ficano is a Reiki Master in the Western style of Usui Reki, a level 2 practitioner in Jikiden Reiki, studying under Frank Arjava Petter, and a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, studying under Kim Meoli.  She started the Universal Reiki Association, an organization of volunteers who wish to give reiki to patients in medical clinics in the Las Vegas area, including the VA Hospital and at Opportunity Village. Michele’s discovery of her passion for helping others began, however, when she herself badly needed help. In 1997, Michele was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness for which conventional medicine had no ready answer, and in her search for better health she discovered the energy medicine of reiki. Encouraged by the dramatic improvement from daily self-treatment, she came to devote herself to reiki, becoming a master in Usui Shiki Ryoho under Kim Meoli. To deepen her understanding of the art, Michele began studying with Frank Arjava Petter, who learned the original form of reiki, called Jikiden Reiki, in Japan. Today, Michele does her wellness work at Reiki for Stress Relief where she gives reiki therapy to clients, in addition to teaching all levels of reiki and hosting reiki shares, and at an addiction residential treatment center in Las Vegas.  Finally, Michele designs and makes malas, or meditation beads, under the name “Dharma Charms and Karma Beads”.