Lauren Verona

Tuesdays 1:15P

Slow Flow

$15 Suggested Donation


A well rounded Vinyasa practice that focuses on moving slowly and meditatively with an unhurried breath. The practitioner savors each pose while shifting through shapes that will leave the body feeling stretched and restored.

Lauren has been teaching yoga for 10 years. She encourages her students to develop an asana practice that will unify the body and mind. She honors personal modifications and emphasizes the practice of mindfulness. Her teachings incorporate a powerful sequence of asanas, breath and meditation. Lauren shares the knowledge she has received from her teachers and creates a way of guiding her students that resonates with her own personality. She approaches her students with a sense of humor, humbleness and honesty. Lauren’s style of teaching compassionately strives to inspire and impart wisdom allowing a student to see their true potential. She has completed a 500 hour certification along with many additional continuing education hours.