Joyce Bosen &

Trauma Recovery Yoga

Joyce Bosen received her Ashtanga yoga certification in 2009 after shadowing her mentor Ki F. Kosut at the Ki-Atsu LMT, CPT, RYT at the Institute of Healing Arts for 12 months. Joyce continued to hone her skills as an Ayurveda Consultant and was certified in T.M. (Transcendental Meditation). Joyce developed a class called S.O.S. (seriously out of shape) and taught in back rooms of salons and spas to those who were obese, physically, medically, or emotional unable or unwilling joining a typical yoga class at a gym or studio.


It has always been Joyce’s stance that “Yoga is for Every-Body”. 

Over the  years Joyce accumulated many CEU’s and attended numerous conferences aimed at helping vulnerable populations. Among these certifications are; Restorative Yoga for Back and Spine Injury/Disease from All About Yoga, and Trauma-Informed Outreach Certification from The Connection Coalition. As well as workshops hosted by Bessel Van der kolk, Author of The Body Keeps the Score and Dr James Gordon from the Center for Mind Body Medicine. 


Joyce has experienced multiple traumas herself and those experiences have gifted her with profound empathy. She is drawn to help marginalized populations. Joyce’s son died in 2012 in a tragic accident with Joyce at his side.  Her desire to help was turbo-boosted. She began to research her PTSD diagnosis and work with other mind body professionals to create a method that helped relieve her own tormenting symptoms.

After counselors observed her improvement, she was asked to teach this method at the vet center where she herself was receiving talk therapy and quickly found herself very busy teaching at many agencies who needed her style of science-based yoga as a somatic intervention and therapy. 


Joyce and her husband Darwin co-founded Trauma Recovery Yoga, training 100’s of others in the method, they are now contracted with: at-risk youth at multiple schools, traumatic brain injury patients, PTSD vets and over-comers of other traumas such as traumatic grief, sexual assault, and domestic violence. 


In 2017 Trauma Recovery Yoga was awarded “The Compassionate Cities award” by the mayor of Las Vegas after the 1 October shooting, for T.R.Y.s offering of free classes in 11 location across the Las Vegas community for those affected. In June 2018 Trauma Recovery Yoga traveled to Denver CO and representing Las Vegas who were awarded the “All America Cities award” for their work to bring these self-regulating tools of yoga to the at-risk youth in Las Vegas through their “Mindful Movement” program.