Darwin Bosen

Wednesdays 3:45p

Total Resilience Yoga


Total Resilience Yoga is effective in helping you test your limits in both physical and resilience arenas. Total Resilience Yoga sessions provide a “do no harm” practice which emphasizes four key themes. Experiencing the present moment (presence), exercising choice (empowerment), taking effective action (resilience), and creating internal rhythms and positive affirmations (mindfulness). The T.R.Y. method emphasizes choice for each to experience the class at their pace to their preferred level (even if that means sitting still and breathing with the group and nothing more). You will leave this class with a feeling of all over feeling of wellbeing and take tools with you that can last a lifetime.

Darwin has been practicing yoga for the last decade and for the past 4 years shadowing the creator and founder of Total Resilience Yoga. Here are his thoughts and observations: "I’ve worked closely with T.R.Y.s creator to develop a practice which is both challenging and nourishing.  My commitment to fitness and resilience has been pervasive throughout my life; from Outdoor fitness activities, backpacking, kayaking, hiking to regimented fitness routines, fitness competitions like Tough Mudder and mind body trainings and works. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity and ability to train and compete in cycling races covering hundreds of miles, achieve cross-fit and obstacle based milestones and develop a deep-rooted understanding of physical and emotional “resilience” vs “control” as a foundation for optimizing my ability to be responsive over reactive. Through my personal growth and research I’ve come to acknowledge: my actions and reactions to life’s struggles are dramatically influenced by my own internal connection and connection with others."