joyce & Darwin Bosen

Joyce and  Darwin Bosen, co-founded Trauma Recovery Yoga/ Total Resilience Yoga and are contracted to teach: at-risk youth at multiple schools, traumatic brain injury patients, PTSD vets and overcomers of other traumas such as traumatic grief, sexual assault, and domestic violence.


In 2017 Trauma Recovery Yoga was awarded “The Compassionate Cities award” by the mayor of Las Vegas after the 1 October shooting, for T.R.Y.s offering of free classes a dozen location across the Las Vegas community for those effected


In June 2018 Trauma Recovery Yoga traveled to Denver CO representing Las Vegas and were awarded the “All America Cities award” for their work to bring these self-regulating tools of yoga to the at-risk youth in collaboration with the City of Las Vegas Reinvent program through T.R.Y.s  Mindful Movement program.  


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~Gandhi~