Weekly Class Schedule

Drop In           $10-$15
5 Class Card         $65
10 Class Card       $120
Memberships Available
Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow 1[Level 1/2] - Build strength, flexibility and calm with this 60 min slow flowing class. We will slowly open the body through an intelligent sequencing of supine, seated and standing postures working incrementally into deeper poses. This class is designed to identify and work with imbalances in the body to build healthy movement, happy joints and to calm the mind. Students will build on their yoga foundation with a range of variations in poses and tools and modifications for working at their own pace in other classes.

Candlelit Reiki Restorative [All Levels] - The power of Reiki is in us all. In fact, our bodies are always working to balance and heal itself - think homeostasis!
All things have energy that humankind has found fascinating. This energy - called Chi, Prana, and Soul, to name a few - is balanced and developed with such practices as Yoga, QiGong, Meditation, and Reiki, among others.
Reiki as one of these practices doesn't just develop and balance energy for physical healing, but also acts as a catalyst for mental and spiritual growth.
Receiving Reiki regularly will help you lead a more fulfilled life.
The combination of Reiki, meditation, and yoga in this 60 minute yin style class will have a powerful effect on enhancing and balancing your energy.

Spinal Stability Clinic [All Levels]  - Beginner friendly class with a focus on spinal stability, by building strength and flexibility through the core. We will explore Ideas of bandhas, chakras, nadi (energy) lines, and physics. All to help us understand the function and form of the postures, bringing alignment to the body, mind and soul.

Trauma Recovery Yoga [All Levels] - A 45 minute sequence designed to build or recover resilience, providing a “do no harm” practice which emphasizes four key themes: experiencing the present moment (presence), exercising choice (empowerment), taking effective action (resilience), and creating internal rhythms and positive affirmations (mindfulness). You will leave this class with a feeling of all over well-being and take tools with you that you can use on or off the mat to reconnect with that feeling.

Warrior Flow [All Levels] - This 60 minute class uses functional cues to help students move in and out of postures clearly and effectively. Their will be modifications for beginners, as well as advanced modifications for the seasoned yoga practitioner. Warrior flow incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, focused on opening the areas of the body where we all hold our emotional baggage. (free to Veteran's provided by Warriors for Life America)

Yoga Nidra [All Levels] - Yoga Nidra is a method of guided relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind, and emotions. During the practice, you will lie in a comfortable position where you can remain awake and relaxed. You will be guided through various stages of deeper relaxation as you focus your attention from outward to inward.

During Yoga Nidra, you will enter the state between wakefulness and dreaming - a state which we usually only experience as we nod off to sleep. The effect on the mind can be very powerful, because as the mind becomes more relaxed, it also becomes more receptive. This practice can aid in memory retention, reduce stress, and enhance both your intuition and creativity. It can help you to solve problems, rejuvenate your body and mind, and enhance and balance your energy.